Translating from Hooktheory

Sorry if this was supposed to be in General.

Looking to translate the verse of this track

into Scaler 2.

The verse is in GMinor. I can’t figure out how to create the second chord (Ab6) using Modulate.

Hooktheory suggests that it is borrowing from the Major and is the 7 Chord in 1st inversion with (and I am lost here) a tone from VI?

Any ideas on the steps in Scaler?

Just manually insert the chord. Insert a blank chord and in edit chord mode add the notes you want in the chord.

Thanks for the reply. So I guess this isn’t possible to do in 5.Mod?

I’m sure it is but if you know the chord it’s faster to just enter it. Takes a few seconds.

If you open the Gmin scale in Mod and choose Ab in the circle of 5th it will show you the modulation path to get to Ab from Gm. Is that what you mean? Very interesting song BTW!

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The song uses no modulation technique to go from Gm to AbMaj6 they just jump right to it. So in this case there is no modulation pathway.

it looks like a Neapolitan chord

sorry for the lack of response /u/jamieh. Yeah, interesting song. I have been playing about with the modulation path, but as you say it seems like there isn’t a path as such.