Transposing patterns

I’m dropping this in here as I have seen a couple of questions recently about transposing.

If you have a pattern of chords in Section A, then you can transpose the patternby clicking on either semitone - or + to the right of the pattern:

to transpose by semitones, or on the padlock button

to force the pattern to a new scale.

If you want to transpose a pattern or patterns you have created in Section C select the pattern(s) and use the transpose buttons on the EDIT page

To transpose by octeaves use the OCTAVE - or +

andfor semitones use the SEMITONE - or +

Note that having slected a pattern by dragging your mouse over it

you only have to click on one transpose buton (+ or -) and the whole pattern is transposed.

Hope this helps.

Not quite correct. To transpose the whole pattern you need to lasso all the pads.

Thanks @jamieh, you correct I should have said that (I need an editor) to transpose the whole pattern you must first lasso it by dragging your mouse over it.

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yes. This is an approach, but not particularly convenient.
I now prefer to transpose in BIAB.
Of course, I still try to find chords at SCALER first. Next, go to BIAB to become a DEMO, and listen to what you want.