Transposing songs by one or more semitones

Just a minor point but when transposnig a progression up or down semitones

the menu of semitones appears to me to be inverted the list of higher semitones (+1 to+24) is below zero whilst the list of lower semitones (-1 to -24) is above zero.

I’m not sure that is entirely true. If that was a rotating dial it makes perfect sense. You would dial it downwards to transpose down and you dial it upwards to go up. Right? In any event it still works just fine. I always just use the left/right arrows.

But it is not a rotating dial, and what I am suggesting is that you should go down the list to transpose down, and go up to transpose up.

I acknowledge it is not a big point, but it could confuse new users, or anyone not paying attention when trying to transpsose a song (as I was when I then started this thread).

I guess I’m just old school because I just look at the numbers when I’m doing that. -24 means down and +24 means up. Haven’t been fooled yet. :wink:
More important to me would be a global transpose. Maybe on the Pad page would make sense. I do know about the lasso/transpose on the EDIT page but a Global transpose would make lots of sense.

Agreed, but I think it is good practice for a gui to be intuitive, and for me increase is up and decrease is down. But as I said I don’t think this is a big issue. I just raise it as something for the future.