Transposition & octave should be applied last

If you choose a voice grouping such as Grouping C2-B3, most transpositions (such as -12 to -24) and Octave won’t work correctly
In my opinion, this is a bug.
Scaler should first compute which note(s) to play based on voice groupings (and potentially other features that make transposition and octaves not work correctly) then apply transposition and/or octave.

Hi @CedricM

Welcome to the forum. Can yo give more information about the transposition not working, please?

Can you conirm

  • your OS,
  • Scaler version,
  • original key and scale,
  • transposed key and scale,
  • actual output,
  • expected output,
  • and if possible a video or screenshots.

I appreciate that this may be a bit of effort, but it will help pinpoint the issue for the devs.

Not a bug. This is the way it is designed to work. It can’t really work any other way. Think about it, if you want the voicing to be dynamic in the range of C2-B3 but you have the octave set below that the voicing has to over ride the octave otherwise the range setting is invalid. Make sense? It does to me.

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