Trigger and change one finger chords via MIDI?

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Loving Scaler 2 so far. Before I ask my question, a bit of background: I have Cerebral Palsy on my right side, mean that my motor skills in my fingers/wrist are limited. In practice, this means I am a one handed Keyboardist.

In the tutorials, Davide shows how He key locks to chord notes, mutes the chords then plays the one finger chords, which then means the melody notes change to enable melody to be played.

Is there a way I can get Scaler to detect and trigger these one finger chords (via MIDI for example) without having to physically press the keys so I can concentrate on melody?

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Yes, this is very possible! Other people might want to add more detail, but as long as you have the input locked to one of the A, B or C lanes, you can trigger the chords via a midi input with just the trigger notes in. It’s very helpful!


Thank you Nickj, I will try that. Looks like I have some learning yet to do!!!

Check out this video, I found it very helpful:

Yes as @Nickj as said.
I guess you could record your chords using one finger.
Then copy chords across to another scaler and mute the chords whilst being in keyslock mode. This allows you to play a melody with one hand also (whilst the silent chords are being triggered).
Most of my scaler work is done with one hand and I would imagine it could help you. I hope it does.
Check this also:

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Thanks for you suggestions. I`m assuming I would need to delete the other notes of the chord to ensure the one finger chords trigger correctly? I really must say, this key lock feature enabling lovely, full chords is a revelation especially with the addition of the voice grouping option. It really is helping me express myself musically.

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If I understand you correctly yes you would only record the trigger note that triggers the chord whilst having it muted so you can play melody locked to the triggered chord.

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