Try adding Midipolyphony vst to your Scaler workflow

I searched seeking a means of splitting sequences of chords into separate tracks, but I didn’t find a solution that didn’t involve a lot of copy/paste/highlight/delete.

I wanted to take a chord progression I liked and split it up to be sent to individual instruments, and get it done efficiently, and in real time if I was just noodling around.

Midipolyphony.dll is a 64 bit vst created in 2011 and then eventually forgotten about.

Insert Scaler as an instrument, then insert Midipolyphony as an instrument with Scaler output as it’s input. Midipolyphony will take a chord of up to 16 notes and split it to 16 midi channels. Then create multiple instruments and have each input take a specific Midipolyphony midi channel. Now select Scaler and play some chords into Midipolyphony. Midipolyphony will split out the lowest chord note played into midi channel 1, 2nd lowest on ch2, etc … All in realtime with no latency. You can eventually commit midi to instrument tracks by arming them for record. (Routing will vary depending on which DAW you use, I use Cakewalk.)

Caveats: the notes in a chord must arrive simultaneously in Midipolyphony. So playing on keyboard may not provide correct notes. You would need to record and quantize before sending to Midipolyphony. For my noodling around purposes I set up chord progressions in Scaler, bind chords to keyboard, so then when I press a key all notes are sent simultaneously. Or I send quantized midi. The processing seems immediate, I used notes 8 ticks long as source chord and they were processed. Playing midi on Midipolyphony track and recording on a split out track, the MBT in the event list is identical, so no latency that I can detect.

Midipolyphony has other capabilities hinted at in discussion forums, google “kvraudio insert piz”. You will need to do some digging to suss out the features. The “Insert Piz” package has a number of different vsts, created when routing/tweaking midi was a much more hands on process. Last active dates were a decade ago.

You can download Midipolyphony.dll here, it’s public domain and free
its in the “” … top of the page:

And I’m willing to bet that some form of this functionality will be built into Scaler in the future.

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I’ll try it tomorrow

funnily enough, that search words go to cakewalk and nothing else, Steve


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Actually, Midipolyphony is only present in

BTW, I found something about them on FB, but it’s 2013
Nothing else after
On SoundCloud 7 years ago

Another trace here

Here is the series of plugins included with some explanation

PizMIDI items.xml (192.5 KB)

Here’s an important tweak.

My goal was to get Ch1 - bottom note, Ch2 - 2nd from bottom, …

Within midiPolyphony set NotePriority to Low.