Try "Chordal" Performances with Arpeggiator!

Proof of concept:
Scaler 2.4.1. Chordal+Arpeggio

This isn’t possible inside Scaler at the moment, since you have to choose one or the other (either perform a chord progression in arpeggio mode, or with the Chordal performance). But if you put an arpeggiator from your DAW (or other arp plugin) behind the Scaler Chordal performances (MIDI out of Scaler, into Arpeggiator, into actual instrument), the melodies are marvelous!
Ambient Remix:

Scaler 2.4.1. Chordal+Arpeggio (Ambient Remix) by Aleamanic

I personally don’t need the arpeggiator in Scaler since I always use external, dedicated arp plugins. But it might expand Scaler’s own sonic variety even more if once could choose to arpeggiate any of the other performances, instead of making an exclusive decision between one or the other.


W The Harpies!

Yeah, this is really nice. Chordals look like something revolutionary and you use them as a master. Creative!

I must admit in my ignorance (or early dementia having forgotten what I once learned in my classic humanistic upbringing), that I had to lookup what this pun means.

personification of storm winds.


Before the Rainbow by Aleamanic (

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Yes: it’s a mix of the mythological sweeties (LOL) and arpeggiators

and, this evening I’ll try chordals + Harpies

The Wikipedia article also said:

abominable their droppings

they snore with repulsive breaths

How am I supposed to understand this as musical feedback?? :rofl:

be careful to ill-treat Harpies: those sweeties get angry quite easily