Try out Scaler for percussion!

Stumbled into this by hitting some unintended percussive presets in Diva while playing around with the triplets and odd time signatures in Scaler 2…


Didn’t intend to do this, it happened rather happy-accidentally. But opened new doors for my aleatoric adventures :slight_smile:

And just for clarification, the synth presets were single hit. The rhythm, and pitch is entirely driven by Scaler patterns - and not even the bass lines or rhythm patterns, just some genre (I think I picked House) chord progression sent through the triplet/time signature phrases into Diva (U-he soft synth)


this is the most enjoyable side of MIDI music: finding multiple and odd ways to have a result

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not surprisingly, I used house and hip-hop to obtain entirely different sound-styles

This rocks…literally. Thanks @Bernd!

I cannot replicate this in my system
there is something in Ableton Live 11 that can replace Diva?

you can just pick any percussive sound, could be a sample, doesn’t have to be a synth. Just make sure it’s a oneshot/hit/stab, not a drum loop that already has a rhythm of its own. Well, I’ve done that before as well and it leads to interesting but different results. The key is to use the triple feel and other time signature expressions in Scaler.

OK got it
tonight I’ll try

Great idea. Will try it next time.

Curse you @Bernd! Now you’ve given me one more reason to spend way more time in Scaler than my wife will allow. Thanks to you I spent yesterday afternoon and this morning routing Scaler through samplers, drum machines, mulit-instruments and the kitchen sink. You’d be amazed what Scaler can do with a set of pans and some wine glasses.

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LOL, can’t relate, my situation is the opposite… I have an affair with Scaler cuz my wife ain’t talking with me no more :wink:


@TMacD and @Bernd

YMMV: my wife talks with me the whole day, so I have the night only to have an affair with Scaler


Now we have all three variant covered. Unless a lady steps forward and pronounces that she found the man of her dreams because of Scaler :wink:

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@davide and @Ed1 wives maybe?

Good stuff!! I will give this a try.

It works so well, this morning SoundCloud mist-tagged a track of mine as being produced by a UK producer named Nat Monday. My simple track was created in about 5 minutes as I was playing around with @Bernd’s suggestion above. (This might happen with SoundCloud all the time, but I’ve never posted anything up there so I don’t know)

In fact, all these tracks were created in less than an hour using 2 custom chords and then just tweaking things in Scaler and the settings in my sampler (PreSonus Impact in this case) It was the 1st time I had ever tried to drive drums with Scaler and it was a blast.

A cool thing… thanks to the way Studio One embeds midi data into rendered audio files and Scalers massive Midi Capture feature, I can go back and reproduce my track (more or less) showing it was generated strictly by Scaler and a little tweaking on my end.


Awesome dude! You can tell you made it in music when others are ripping off your stuff :slight_smile:

Is it a surprise, with @davide 's background, that Scaler 2 lends itself well to Drum’n Bass? :wink:

I have this vision of putting together some collaborative called “The Scaler Forum Band”, where we mash up our various showcases of using Scaler. Partcularly because of our diverse approaches to making music. We could be the dream theatre of MIDI :slight_smile:


I love this idea, and the more I explore Scaler the more I think it is a perfect basis on which to work.

I’m new to most of this stuff but I’ve been impressed and inspired by what guys like Christian Henson from Spitfire does with community music. His (the) Piano Book project, Labs and their world wide music projects are frickin cool.

I know I’m a bit ignorant as it relates to music production, and it is way outside of my wheel house, but as a simple start, maybe we define a consistent tagging model for Scaler based productions in places like SoundCloud (and all the other Indi music repositories I don’t know about). I don’t know if SC or others allow for organic tagging, but something like #ScalerBased or #BuiltOnScaler, #StricklyScaler would make it easy to find those that are creating with Scaler specifically.
I know some will cringe at this (especially those trying to produce for a living), but for the handful of others out there who are using Scaler to light up their inner Beethoven or FatBoy Slim, I think it would be cool. Anyway…I like the idea of a Scaler based v-band.

It is especially the “out of our wheelhouse” aspect that would make it intriguing. I am not intimidated by the professional opinions. In sports they also have amateur leagues, if not paralympics, so the concept of the lesser skilled giving it a shot isn’t new. And even with some supposedly “professionally produced” music I sometimes wonder what exactly makes it “professional” (other than the money grab :wink:

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Just now got to check out the link. This is awesome! Too bad I missed it in 2020. But perhaps there’s a repeat?

Or we’ll make up a derivative, not limited to Pianos, but having in common the MIDI-pattern driven logic, involving all kinds of instruments that can be driven by MIDI patterns.