Trying to add licence in GarageBand

Trying to activate Scaler 2 in GarageBand, but the “Register a licence file” link in the About window does not allow me point to the licence file. It is unresponsive in GarageBand. It worked fine in Reaper. It worked fine in Harrison MixBus. Any suggestions on how to fix this issue in GarageBand?

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Having the same issue here! Aaaaaaaa!

There is no fix. Request a refund.

I have replied on a similar thread, have a look at the workaround:

Hi Ed. My first install and activation was in Reaper, and all worked fine. When I went to use Scaler in Garageband, it asked me to find licence File once again, but this is where it stopped for me as the Link was inactive. Then I checked in Mixbus, and when I added scaler to a new track, it clearly indicated the software was ALREADY registered to me, as you described in your message. For some reason, it is not showing as registered in Garageband. Running Mac OS 10.14. Suggestions?

You know that this problem can’t be fixed? No workaround?

After a few trial runs of various DAWs, I decided to get Ableton & avoid the incompatibility frustrations. And I’m so glad I did - you can REALLY do some wild things on-the-fly using Scaler2 in Ableton. Went from “grrrr” to “wheeee!” in less than a day.

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I am so thrilled to have Scaler2 as a creative tool. I have it working in Reaper (so far) which is good, but I also use GarageBand. Was really hoping to have this tool available to use in both programs. Damn Apple security barriers! Guess I can stop trying to figure out a solution.

Question: Is there a way to manually place my licence file in a specific folder, so when Scaler2 is launched it will see my licence automatically? As I said, the Register a license file link isn’t working. I have activated my licence in Reaper, and it shows as being registered to me. In Garageband, it remains in demo mode.

This is what you achieve by registering Scaler in any other DAW. It simply copies the license file into the right folder.

This is why after registering in one DAW, you never have to register it again. GarageBand is for some reason (probably security settings) not able to see the folder with the license.

You can check by yourself in the following folder: /Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/Plugin Boutique/Scaler2

There is a way to “Lower Security Settings” in GarageBand to have it behave normally, it prompted me once to change those settings on launch, but I don’t know where the option is located.

Assuming that some time earlier user followed their instinct and clicked cancel in security pop-up, procedure to follow (see attached) is: 5 → 1 → 3

I certainly have clicked “Lower security settings” on this dialogue box in the past. But after reading your thorough notes, I’m not sure why this would PREVENT Scaler2 from being able to establish a path to the licence? Are you recommending using Terminal to delete this file, then repeat the “Lower security settings” again?

I’ll try to explain but you have to be patient because it’s not something I do well :wink: .

Garage Band is using something called Sandbox. Think of it as a Jail for a program - it can only move around an area it is allowed to move around. It doesn’t have access to external “world”.

When you try to activate the license, GB is trying to access the external “world” - Library folder in your User folder - and save a file there. At this point Sandbox Safeguards kick in and block the operation. Once you allow “lower security” in the pop-up, GB is allowed to access your User folder and save the file.

This is where things get strange - Scaler should not have any access issues anymore. Unfortunately I don’t have answers for you. GB is endless source of this kind of “enjoyments” so I simply stopped using it.

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Thanks for this explanation, supporting my belief it is an Garageband/Apple security issue, not a fault of the program. I wish there was a way to manually place the Scaler2 licence file “inside the sandbox”, a folder location where Scaler 2 would see it on startup. The demo mode that the program is ends in two weeks. Not sure what happens then. Demo mode emits a repeating white noise that makes the program unusable for me. I still am hoping a solution is presented.

Yeah… I don’t understand why Apple is so strict in GarageBand and, well, so permissive in Logic. I guess it’s a way for them to strongly suggest an upgrade to Logic.