Tuning 1/2 step down

I record and play all of my music tuned 1/2 step down. Is there any way to get Scaler to display notes and chords relative to this? I can easily transpose everything a half step down with various tools in Reaper, but I still want my E to be displayed as an E and not an Eb. Is it possible? Thanks!

Welcome @edkilp
I’m so confused it hurts my head a little :confused:
If you are composing half a step down aren’t you just in a key a semitone lower?
Could you explain what you are trying to do exactly?

It’s harder to explain than I thought it would be. I want Scaler to output sounds 1 semitone lower, but I want the chords displayed as if it was in standard tuning. The same thing as setting the master tune on a keyboard to -1 semitone. You still play a Dm chord on the same keys. Visually it’s normal, audibly the pitch is 1/2 step lower. So if I’m composing something in the key of D, I would like Scaler to show me a D and not C#. I’ll think of a better way to explain it if you still need a Tylenol. Lol. I know exactly what I want but I don’t quite know how to present it.

This is handy for guitarists since we down tune, but the rest of the band still references the original hand positions, not the actual pitch of the note.

Exactly. Maybe difficult to understand if you’re not a guitar or bass player.

The only thing I can think of is to leave scaler where it is, drag and drop chords to another channel (even one with scaler if you are using its internal sounds) and drop the semitone there?

Seems to me the simplest solution is to compose in the key you want to show and then drag the midi into a DAW and transpose down. Any DAW can do this and because it is midi not audio, there are no artifacts

If it can’t be done in Scaler, it’s fine. I can just stick a transpose plugin on the same track and it works. I should say that if I’m using Scaler to drive another VSTi it works. I have not been able to get the Scaler sounds to drop a half step. If you look at the Guitar view in Scaler, there are all those tuning options. One of them is Eb, which is where I tune. But when I tune that way, I’m not thinking that my E chord is Eb. It’s still an E in my mind. So is it possible to have a Master Tune in Scaler just like any midi keyboard has? Thanks, and your suggestions would accomplish the same thing, but with obviously more steps to get there. It’s a minor workaround and so far I’m having a ton of fun with Scaler.

I don’t see why not.

Set the first Scaler to no sound. Set the next Scaler to the instrument of your choosing and insert your 1/2 pitch transpose midi effect in front of it.

I believe that you might have to keep the second Scaler from auto-sync with the rest of the Scalers.

It should work. I don’t see why it wouldn’t.