Tuning? 432

Hello is there a way to tune Scaler 2? I do everything in 432?

Hi @G-Stone22

sorry, there is now way to tune Scaler 2 to a different A.

You can definitely use Scaler for its MIDI ability and output to an instrument you can re-tune to 432Hz.

Depending on your DAW you can adjust software instruments tuning. Logic Pro X allows for software instruments microtonal tuning to concert pitch (432Hz) for example.

Hello Team Scaler.

I’m late to this exchange but I work in in Logic at 432Hz.

First of all, thank you for making such a wonderful tool. Just starting to dig through it all and I’m so grateful for the thought, inventiveness and effort you put into it. Everyone involved should be proud of what they do.

Want to clarify to others who work in A 432 that you should set Project Settings>Tuning as usual to -32 cents (431.9Hz is as close as Logic gets). That will cover any Software Instrument tracks in the project that do NOT use Scaler in a MIDI FX slot.

When you insert Scaler 2 in an individual MIDI FX slot, take the extra step of tuning that software instrument -32 cents, as you would tune an external hardware synth, to match your project.

Key Point: If you remove Scaler from the MIDI FX slot at any point before that MIDI track is bounced to audio, remember to retune that instrument back up 32 cents to zero. The project’s -32 will kick in on that track once Scaler is gone.

Thank you again.

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Welcome @Stevil
Thanks for the compliments and feedback and thank you very much for the investigative work. Good to know!!!

Still floating down the 432 rabbit hole.

Adjusted the way I laid out above.
Dragged a pattern from Scaler into the track.
Removed Scaler and brought the instrument back up 32 and it played the MIDI in tune with the other tracks.

Here’s the mind blower:
Re-inserted Scaler in the MIDI FX slot and it played the instrument now set at 0 in turn with the other tracks at the project’s -32.

Just to confirm my grasp on reality is fluid at best, I opened up a fresh track with scaler in MIDI FX and the instrument at 0.
It played in tune at the project’s -32.

Apparently I should eat a pizza before emailing, which I’ll now do.

However you do get to A 431.9, you CAN get there with Scaler 2.

Bravo to you all.