Turn Performance on and off remotely

I know I can assign a Key or CC to turn Performance off but I was hoping I could toggle it on and off. It would help a lot with workflow when trying out progressions with and without performances.

Fair enough, I guess we don’t have that ability to assign a CC to turn performance off. I wonder if this is something we may be able to include in 2.5 and whether there is a technical limitation. I’ll chat internally with @Ed1

Usually in, say Ableton Live, if you have On Off controlled by a CC it’s usual 0-64 is ON and 65-127 is OFF (or the other way round. I expected that when I assigned it and of course realized it’s just a one way trip. It would be convenient but not a deal breaker for me.


I toggle Performance on and off with two key mappings. Is this mainly to get a single key toggle enabled?

FWIW, on my M32 I was able to map Performance on to CC110 and off to CC111 as well as having Z & shift Z mapped to on and off

No, this is exactly what I wanted. Thanks. When I first tried it I could not get the second command to stick to turn it off. It kept saying it was already mapped. Trying it now I see what I was doing wrong. I had to initiate the state I wanted to recall first.
Thanks! Perfect.
[ADDENDUM] Well close anyway. I keep forgetting you need to choose the item you want to control first. So if I have Scaler closed it doesn’t work. If I open Scaler I need to click on Perform for it to then see the commands.
Still, it will help out for now. Thanks @TMacD

Glad it helped…a bit.
FWIW, I’m working on a “hey Scaler, play something inspired by a rocky trail high in the Swiss alps” function but I think I’ll need to wait a few releases. :slight_smile:

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It can still be worth it. Even though I wasn’t thinking about a rocky trail high in the Swiss alps, it’s the last thing I wrote. Use Scaler and Instacomposer as main tools. The sounds are from EastWest Hollywood, and a piano and a guitar are mixed in the melody (experiment, hehe)