Turn the Piano sound off!

Please, where to find the instrument list to turn the piano off in Scaler 2.1? Did they move the instrument list somewhere else for the piano? Strange UI design decision

Looks like you have loaded MIDI-FX and not normal interface? There was a thread earlier which indicated there are no “sounds” in this app. I can’t explain the multiple apps involved, I think they may be necessary for different DAW compatibility. But my Scaler interface still looks the same and has all the sounds to turn on or off. Good luck.

ok, thanks a lot! I will try to load the audio one

Actually i want to control another instrument (VST) in Logic so, the Midi plugin of Scaler is the one that can do the job. But i want to cut off the piano sound of Scaler which is automatically turned on on the midi plugin of Scaler…weird. On the audio plugin of scaler you can access the instrument list and turn it off.
I still need help

This is the AU version of Scaler 2? I don’t see this GUI when I load any of mine. Where yours says MIDI FX mine shows this -

And when you click on the instrument name you get this - where you can choose off.
Did you reboot when you installed Scaler? I know Logic is very picky about that.

I wonder if the manual would help. It is in the help area of the GUI. At least it is in the one I open…

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Looks like you must have ScalerControl2 loaded? I don’t see that in my plug-ins.

OK it’s clear in Logic there are 2 Scaler2 devices. One shows up under the MIDI FX menu and the other shows up under the Instrument menu -

One of these is on the MIDI FX slot of the Channel Strip and the other is on the Instrument Slot of the Channel Strip. I think, if you want Scaler to control another Soft instrument you need to use the MIDI FX one as AU does not route internal MIDI. I can only see the ScalerControl2 in Logic.


Yup and the problem with the Midi FX version of Scaler in logic, you can’t turn the sound of the piano off…which cause latency because the midi notes are now played twice.

Same issue with Cubase where this time the notes in scaler trigger the sustain pedal and the notes just ring forever…

In Ableton NO ISSUES. It seems like the devs just focused on developing in Ableton and said #### to the rest of the DAWs.

I gave up, frustrated, and I use Ableton. Technology shouldn’t be that much of barrier to music making.

Unless I’m just not smart enough to understand what exactly you are trying to do, the Midi FX version of scaler DOES NOT output any audio. My hunch is you are not using it correctly. Please give us an exact example if what you are trying to achieve.
I’ve edited your post to remove expletives. We don’t tolerate offensive language around here, it’s a community forum.

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This puzzled me as well. In Logic I put up both ScalerControl2 and Scaler2. ScalerControl2 makes no sound as I expected but it does control the piano I put in the Instrument slot. If I remove that - no sound.
Scaler2 of course has the piano (or whatever you have the default set to) but I can turn that off in Logic.
ScalerControl2 With the instrument slot on bypass - no sound

ScalerControl2 With the Instrument slot engaged - sound -