Tutorial - Recording MIDI Out from Scaler in FL Studio


here comes a tutorial explaining how to record MIDI Out from Scaler in FL Studio (Windows, macOS).

FL Studio - Record MIDI OUT.pdf (664.6 KB)


Hi Paul - Thanks for the tutorial but I am having problems following it (user error of course).
“Tell the Scaler instance to send the MIDI data
to the MIDI bus from the Loopback driver.” How do I do this please?
I haven’t got ass far as worrying about midi looping back!
Thanks very much!

Hi @ajh101 and welcome,

after you added Scaler to the Channel Rack you have to open the Scaler UI, and you have to locate the top left corner where FL studio Panel display a cogwheel, click it to open the Detailed settings then click on the VST wrapper settings from here you can locate the MIDI settings, change the MIDI output port to match the one you set up in the loopback driver.

hope this helps,

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Followed the directions thanks, but nothing is dragged across. Curious…

Hi @ajh101,

could you please be a bit more specific? thanks,

Hi - I was running through the process to describe it better when inspiration struck - Eureka! User error (of course).

I think my confusion (and perhaps others’ too), derives from the way in which patterns are built within FL Studio. I had been dragging the captured midi to the arrangement window, when I should have been dragging it to the channel rack. I tried that and the midi notes appeared! Woohoo :slight_smile:

For the benefit of other FL Studio users who may ben reading this and having similar frustrations, my process (although ‘your mileage may vary’) is:

Install loopMIDI, and create a port by using the + sign.
In FL Studio set the INPUT port to, say 10.
Within Scaler 2 set the MIDI output port to (you guessed it) 10.
Within Scaler 2, settle on your chords, hit midi capture and play/stop.
Then (and this is the gold), drag the pattern to the CHANNEL RACK.
Then you can change the instrument as needed.

Others may refine this, so far it has worked forme.

Thanks, @ajh101, glad it is working fine for you now.

When using the MIDI Capture feature from Scaler (located in the bottom right corner )

you don’t even need to set up a MIDI loopback.

This Tutorial is about Recording the MIDI Out from Scaler in FL Studio, for this you will need a loopback MIDI driver in FL studio.


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