Tutorial - though not by me (and a challenge)

I came across a clip I had downloaded, and have pointed to it in this post. I’m trying to create a track just with one chord and this was inspiring.

This is the highly talented shred meister Paul Gilbert (guitar) and the equally talented Nathan East on bass, maybe second only to Carol Kaye in terms of tracks recorded. Paul set the challenge of playing just in the key of A on the root chord for x minutes.

No shredding, and deceptively simple sequences, but it just shows what two pros jamming can do - I learnt quite a few things from this.
Commendations to the drummer, who complimented the playing perfectly

I’m now wondering whether I cam produce something similar in Scaler. Anybody fancy doing a piece 5 minutes in length with just scaler and guitar / bass ?


What’s the problem?
Blues and funk often used just one chord, or 2
So put just one exotic chord in Scaler and try to drive some plugin

Anybody fancy doing a piece 5 minutes in length with just scaler and guitar / bass ?

OK; tonight I’ll do that, but I am quite sure I did it already with my funky vibes

Claudio, I’m not sure about funk, but I think that most blues use more than one chord: most often three chords - I IV V. Looking through my copy of the Blues Fake Book I can find very few one chord blues songs. Having said that John Henry only uses E7, Hey Bo Diddly uses = E, Back Door Man = E7, I Just Wanna Make Love To You = D7, and Rolling Stone = E7.

Some do use only 2 chords, usually the I and either IV or V.

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I was thinking of drone stuff … maybe early Tangerine Dream, for example, or (a good example) ‘pepper’ by the Butthole Surfers.

I note Klauss Schulze (early Tangerine Dream member) and prolific electronic musician passed away the other day. RIP.

well, here there are more

So you have no excuses @yorkeman : drop one chord in Scaler and start playing

Having said what I said about the blues, I think it could be interesting to try to compose something based on a single chord.

This is Cmin9


Nice. Who would say such thing is possible without being boring. I should try.

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I’m sure you’ll do something interesting, Miki.
I wasn’t too sure it would sound like something that wasn’t boring either, but it’s all about getting started.
At first I only put Cm9 chords on all the pads; later I was changing the duration between them, and then I was combining it with different instruments

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Excellent. This shows me how it can be done, and I shall plagiarise ideas unashamedly. . I’m a long way from progressing much, although my approach so far is to try and build on a sequence like Cmin - Csus4 - Csus2 - Cmin/G . By ‘root chord’ I meant just chords with the root of the chosen key… You’ve actually gone one step further !

I’ll see what @Miki and @ClaudioPorcellana come up with, then potentially slink off into a corner somewhere.


To listen how the masters do it , just check the intro on Shine On You Crazy Diamond. :crazy_face:
54 bars (more than 2 minutes) only in Gm.


OK, I accepted the challenge and this is 5 minutes song in A minor.
All progressions, melodies, etc. comes from Scaler and are rerouted mostly to Heavyocity instruments.

This is a kind of After Midnight song (no, not the one by J.J. Cale :rofl:), so I was tired and maybe it is not polished. Well, certainly is not polished. LOL


Sounds really good. Congratulations

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