Two 2009 compositions of mine

A couple of old songs of mine (voice, music and text) composed on about 2009

The voice of this one was Maria Cristina Feraiorni, while Silvio Puzzolu played the guitar, and did mix&max using an Apple PC (if I remember well)

Girotondo Magico

And here is a rock try called Ehi sung by me, while Silvio Puzzolu played guitar solo, bass, etc.

P.S: I know the Ehi text sucks, so please be kind :rofl:


Wow!. You are a real rocker. I don’t care about the lyrics (anyways, I don’t understand a lot), but the music is fine.

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As I’ve always suspected, you were much better at making complete songs when you weren’t worried about what slider controls what device and is it going to fill up my 8gigs of ram. :rofl:
You need to do more of that now. Those were good.


Thanks but the mojo was just made with the great voice of Cristina and the arrangement & mixing skills of Silvio Puzzolu, that also played the instruments and mixed the song

I just put the chords, the melody and my voice
It was funny anyway, going in a professional recording studio for my first (and last) time :grin:


Well you gave them the songs! What are they going to record in the studio without those? Silence?


Yep, you are right. Our friend Claudio is a man of great talents. Just go ahead @ClaudioPorcellana and express yourself through the music. Don’t be shy, man.


‘Just’ doesn’t do it justice. My mental picture of your musical activities keeps expanding …

So did you perform in public in times gone by ?

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Err… yes, but is better to omit how much I earned in ready money, groupies, and reputation LOL

I founded a group some eons ago (1993), and we mostly performed at parties for friends

I think I dropped a picture in a post, but I cannot find it, so here it is again

Once, we were also paid for an evening in a disco, let’s say 150,000 lire for the whole group :crazy_face:

I have a blurred memory, but I think to remember we risked this because our rhythm and blues repertoire wasn’t exactly suitable for a disco

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Before that I played the guitar at a very basic level, just to support my voice with a repertoire that included The Beatles, some R&B tune, Italian singers & bands of the sixties/seventies, and goliardic songs, and all that was just for fun: mine and of my friends

Here is another common situation with my duo with my friend Franco on the bass and me on guitar and voice

I had a large rumpus room able to accomodate for about 40 people so I organized musical parties on a weekly basis for joy of the neighbourhood

Eclectic fashion choices, but you all look as though you can do the business … Playing with other people can be hard, but it certainly improves all round skills. The key person missing in the first pic is the drummer … I was useless at timing without one (is he/she hidden somewhere ?)

My era was a little before that :frowning_face: I played in a band (or as it was called then, a ‘group’) from 1961 to late 1963, mainly covers, and pre-Beatles, but at the height of the Spector period.

I had the same experience re payment, looking an idiot (we were at one time called The Senators, and played in togas, until the risk of being beaten up became too great), and groupies. The only girl I ever pulled was nice, but she had crutches from a motorbike accident and nobody else wanted to take her home. It also ruled out any real adventure in the back seat of the car. She dumped me as soon as the leg healed, setting the tone for all subsequent romantic episodes.

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Postscript on equipment …

We used Linear Concord amps (x4) Linear Conchord 30w Amplifier
which had 2 x EL34 for the output stage, the exact same valves as many Marshall amps today - 60 year later (!) / Home made speaker cabs with Celestion Greenbacks, also still going today. Amazing,.

We also had 2 Watkins Copicat tape echo boxes The Watkins / WEM Copicat
which still live, but as a VST
Echo Cat | Vintage tape echo audio plugin | Audio plugin
I’m not sure what this longevity says about that old kit …

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Eagle eye! :grin:

I think the drummer skipped the show because of the high footprint of his instrument and the loud sound it was able to create

I remember indeed that my neighbourhood called the police the only time I invited him with the drums at my rumpus room

you was clearly a professional…

I always used a handmade (printed circuit, power unit, box, foam, and speakers included) amp built-up for a few dozens of Italian Lire, and I made with my hands tremolo, wah-wah and distortion pedals as well

I loved electronics that time and used a lot the projects of this magazine

My last assembly was a Geiger counter (at the time of Fukushima disaster) that I still have and still works

Hey, sounds cool :slight_smile: did you study somewhere?

Hi John
if you means study of music, the answer is no: never studied