Two basic Scaler workflows, 1) Neat, 2) Messy

Two basic Scaler workflows, 1) Neat, 2) Messy

I felt comfortable with Scaler from day one, but knew I had a lot to learn about using it.

The really good operations manual helped as did video tutorials on youtube. Posts on the forum have also been very helpful and interesting.

Now, after sometime now working with Scaler, I’m settling into two basic Scaler workflows I call 1) Neat and 2) Messy.

The “Neat Way” is where you work progressions and playback/performances within Scaler. Scaler plays parts/performances using its internal sounds (ultra neat) or assigned to other instruments (normal neat).

The “Messy Way” is drag and drop and MIDI capture oriented. Progressions and Performances in Scaler don’t matter as much since you’re assigning material to Instruments and perhaps recording parts outside of Scaler. You don’t really care if the internal progressions and performances work at all.

I think both Neat and Messy have advantages and disadvantages. It’s great that Scaler provides this kind of workflow flexibility in the product. I don’t feel locked in to any one way of doing things.

If you’re working Messy and things get too crazy, you can do some housekeeping to clean up and organize. If you’re working Neat, don’t worry if things get a little messy, you can always clean up later.

Take care, :slight_smile: