Two is better than one

Well, 4 cores instead of 2, 16 GB RAM instead of 8, and 1 TB SSD are indeed better

Less latency available, and the option to play more sample-based tools
Thanks Santa


Well, we are all expecting massively increased creative output, @ClaudioPorcellana :grinning:


Especially tutorial videos and techno vocals :wink:


surely the double of any output!

sorry about the video, but I cannot find a hardware that doubles my English speech capability
and even if it existed, the double of zero is even zero

About techno, it is out of my possibilities
I assure you that I tried, but I was unable to go after the first couple of chord

Congratulations, Claudio
Santa Claus brought me Pigments and I’ve been testing sounds with Scaler all day, :grinning: :grinning:


Well the extra stuff was amazing tonight, and an Incognito style vibe jumped out
tomorrow I’ll post the tutorial

We don’t need hardware to enhance your English speech capability, but a plugin that gives you the self-confidence that your existing abilities deserve…


@jjfagot Welcome to the club of Scaler+Pigments owners :wink:
As I was doing a retrospective of my works in 2021, I stumbled over this early Pigments PoC I did earlier. Having lots of fun with Pigments’ endless modulation options…

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Thanks, Santa. We shall finally have tutorials, videos, great music. Not from you, from our friend Claudio, but thanks to you. If you can find more good stuff for him, we shall be glad even more, but I don’t know what is on his wish list. Anyways, please fulfill anything he wants, he really deserves it.


hahahaha, thanks @Miki
the next list item will be in the photography field, i.e. this beast, but considering its price, I suspect I’ll put in the list another plugin

:crazy_face: :smiley: :rofl:

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not sure if this is compatible with your camera but I am not using it anymore and planning to get rid of it.

Not suitable, sorry

If I were a billionaire, I would go for this one, then to this one as well to be able to find suitable subjects to shoot
:crazy_face: :rofl:

quite an extra-large routing… :smiley:
and I still have to add trumpet, sax, flute, and trombone, at least

BTW, send the BB output to 2 EZdrums (funky drums + latin percussions) and you’ll have an amazing drumline with zero effort

I forgot I checked this out at the time, and just found it again

Sadly the rule in this household is that anything spent on frivolities (aka music gear) results in an even greater spend by Mrs Yorkeman on wholly necessary ‘girly’ things, which roughly doubles the price of anything I get (which is detected, that is :grinning:)

That’s more than the new PC was, I think…and more than I have spent on camera + lens …

{the conversation on such matters is symmetric

{A} “Is that new ?” {B} “No, heavens, I’ve had it ages … you just haven’t seen it before”