Two Scalers 2 with UJAM VG using Common Phrases, Style Phrases and Chords - The videotutorial

Maybe I found an easier way to do videos + audio using ShareX

Tomorrow I’ll try to make a video about 2 Scaler instances driving UJAM Sparkle
I hope to succeed :cold_face: :grinning: :guitar:

well, I found a way and here is the workflow

the routing

the 1st Scaler drives a MIDI Polysher that drives UJAM Sparkle producing riffs
the 2nd Scaler drives UJAM Sparkle through a MIDI Polysher and a MIDI track producing chords

here is the 2 MIDI Polyshers

as you see, the 1st MIDI Polysher (for guitar loops/riffs) has the blocked keys on the right (covering C0-C4), while the 2nd MIDI Polysher (for guitar chords) has the blocked keys on the left (covering C5 and over)

actually the 2nd MIDI Polysher can also have no blocked keys, because the 2nd Scaler grouping is C3-B4 and the MIDI Polysher pushes it further by 19 semitones, but blocking useless keys can be useful if you want move chords semitones in a second moment

The several Scaler patterns are to be used ONLY in the UJAM Common Phrases and Style Phrases areas, while the 2nd Scaler is ONLY to send chords in the UJAM Chord area

Due to the usual ASIO recording issues, I used the MS Windows MIME engine that has a lot of latency but I think it doesn’t matter in this case

The video that I am uploading doesn’t contain any text nor my background voice, because I think that just looking the Carlos Eduardo Arellano video first, then all my screenshots here, then downloading the 2 Scaler status files (the starting situation in my video) is enough to understand what I did in, that is virtually clicking on the various Scaler patterns, and transposing with the 1st MIDI polysher to listen what happens

1st Scaler.xml (13.4 KB)
2nd Scaler.xml (12.1 KB)

So far, doing those aleatoric :grinning: clicks, I found a triplet of sketch songs that can be further developed

Enjoy my video-tutorial about two Scaler 2 instances driving UJAM Sparkle now on Youtube with the correct link

And if something is still unclear please ask


The link goes to your web site (quite a pause loading) and briefly shows a screen but then crashes out

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I suspect I am not allowed to upload big things

Sure! I have just 30 minutes for videos, and the other 2 are 20 minutes YUK!
Unfortunately, alternative for possible future videos are very few, and YT the easier one

I think your way of using the MidiPolisher is great
Thanks for sharing, Claudio. Hugs

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Thanks José

I love people like you (and Carlos Eduardo Arellano), able to get off their high horses and interact with a good grace with amateurs or newbies: This is what makes you real Masters and even very humane folks


Thank you very much, Claudio. Every time I listen to Carlos, I can’t help but tear up, especially for not being able to help him when he needed me.
I have simply said (and continue to say) that the way you take advantage of Midipolisher and how you explain it in your video is really great. I think in Ableton there are other ways to do what you do using that (free) plugin. In GigPerformer it is simple and effective from different Midi In and assigning different registers to each one, but you demonstrate how it can be done in a simpler and cheaper way, and I am convinced that there is always a lot of mastery in simplicity. In fact, when I write things with a lot of instruments, with difficult harmonies (to be different?), with a lot of countersongs, etc, I end up abandoning the song for a while. Then when I come back I usually delete the vast majority of the stuff and then I like the way it sounds. I think that many times I complicate myself, and if I went directly to what I like, what sounds good to me, I would advance in time and worries.
I repeat: Thank you very much for explaining in an easy way what others would have explained to us much more, without us being able to understand it.


BTW, @Ed1 and @davide in this video you should notice that the 2 Scalers in loop often stop moving from a chord to the following: have you any idea why?

This is not an issue for the 1st Scaler because it just hits riffs, but it’s a serious problem with the 2nd Scaler that changes chords

And another strange thing I found is that, randomly, the 2nd Scaler send wrong notes (many notes in series, like a slow strumming) to UJAM (but even changing it with another plugin keeps the same issue) and the only way to stop it is to delete the Scaler track and reload it

I can add that the UJAM Sparkle seems very good for Funk, and also for some odd rhythm

Tomorrow, or later, I’ll upload on SoundCloud some vibes to let you understand what can be done with it

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Have you tried Musiclab’s Realguitar software?

Yes, but I am currently deterred by the developer’s country…

The Seychelles ? Been there half a dozen times and it seemed a pleasant enough place - highest per capital GDP of any African country. It has some quite upmarket hotels, like the Raffles Group. What is it that deters you ?
Here’s a shot I took on the island of Praslin