Ujam programs

Have experience with Ujam programs? Do they work well with the Scaler program? eg Virtual Bass, etc.?

It’s been discussed here, mostly by @ClaudioPorcellana
Here is one such discussion.

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I have UJAM Hype, which is part of the Beatmaker set. This is effectively just a sample player. It has several 10 kits, 29 styles and 50 presets.

Good points and “bad” points, all from a personal take


  • The engine is fine, but has few /zero options to sculpt anything
  • The patterns and presets are in fact very good. Instant Ibiza.

Bad (not limited to UJAM, in fairness)

  • This is an out and out EDM / Trance app. That’s all.
  • You can buy other sets (K-Pop / Hip-hop / Trap) … but
  • Each one is about GBP 58., although they almost certainly have the same engine - so you are paying for the sounds. It’s the same sort of Barbie doll clothes approach of EZ*
  • You can buy genres in bundles, but they are ludicrously expensive for each effective patch / pattern. The price of 4 of the EDM etc sets is about the same as my main drium plugin, which has 14Gb of sounds and 10,0000 grooves, across a wide range of genres PLUS it has a sophisticated multi-timbral synth at the core. Value wise, on a different planet.

I guess I got it for instant drag and drop into some pieces I was trying work on.

Summary : very highly focussed / good drum programming / small sample set / not flexible / cheap (in my doll analogy) to buy jeans and a sweat shirt, but the wardrobe is going to cost big time once you are sucked in

(With Scaler ? No, as it merely works alongside it as a drum app)