UJAM Sparkle at 50 €

Hi pals

After some time and tests, I realized there is no feeling between me and Sparkle so I sell it (this is possible according to their website)

If anyone is interested, just pay and send me your email so I can inform the seller

P.S. I reduced the amount because I found I actually bought it discounted

Lost its sparkle, I guess ?

(Sorry … couldn’t resist. Loud groans all around and virtual detritus thrown my way, I guess))

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ha ha ha ha, I was just waiting for a new slang to learn

I tried the Ujam bass program. It didn’t convince me at all. I then removed it because it had no use.


same for me: Broomstick Bass (with its drums) for testing, and EzBass for serious ( :grin:) jobs are way better

Now coming to UJAM Sparkle, it can output good stuff, and I think this may improve using it without Scaler (i.e using bare hands on), but matching it to Scaler requires a too different, and less easy, setup compared to AAS Strum-GS 2

I also bought Sparkle on sale and I am not impressed. Their other VST, Silk, has a pleasant sound, but i found that all the UJAM guitar plugins are limited in what can be done, especially in the context of use with Scaler.

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OK; nobody wants it :grin:

it will come in the cellar to dust, like another couple of plugins I have and dislike

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