Ujam Virtual Guitarist SPARKLE discounted at 44 bucks

as per title
I am clearly thinking to buy it :grinning:

I see it on their site for 168$. Where did you see it for 44$?

On Plugin Boutique Sales @Miki

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Thanks my friend. Yeah, on Ujam it’s a bit too much. Oh, I just noticed, it’s 168 in Canadian Dollars. :frowning:

Nice deal. 39 buck at this moment.

On offer 5 mins ago at £32.90

It looks they change the price every 5 minutes. I just bought it.

I reckon they are going to launch 2.0 soon

@Miki You got Bitwig now too? Great, we can collab on BW projects now! :wink:

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Bitwig 8-tracks. Like Ableton Lite. I don’t like Ableton, but Bitwig looks more user friendly.

Maybe. But on their site, the price is still 129US. So, who knows.

yes, I have Ableton Lite. The limit to 8 tracks didnt bother me as much, but it was compounded by the fact that you cannot daisychain midi and audio plugins in the same track (outside of max4live, which of course is not available in the Ableton LITE version)

I didn’t redeem bitwig, and I think I’ll never do that :grinning:
One DAW is more than enough in my case

BTW upgrading to Live Standard can be cheap if they drop some discount here and there

i was actually seriously considering to buy the upgrade from Ableton 10 LITE to the full version 11. And they had a trial version of 11 that I tried out, and it broke everything. None of my MiDI controllers were recognized and I could not load any of my old projects. Done. Missed opportunity Ableton! (and still yucky UI)

an aleatory composer with controllers sounds odd… :thinking: :grinning: :rofl:

actually the aleatoric aspects are often “controlled” by algos or complex combinations of modulators (in the software). The MiDI controllers serve to create an illusion of control via bounding the total chaos of randomness


this is very strange: I still have old Lite 9 projects and I can load and manage them
or better: I load them, then the SW asks me to convert in the latest release, but they work after that

also, a lot of my plugins didnt work either. perhaps i was on an early preview version, who knows, and i dont care. i had no pressing need that had me urgently look for a new version. I was just going to upgrade Lite to Full to have more than 8 tracks and 2 send channels. Would have been happy to go to version 10 full but that option doesnt exist anymore.
Even if it was an early review version, they missed the chance to make a good first impression. I am done with Ableton now (as far as considering purchasing anything from them)

Did you try Reaper? This my magic DAW. I use it with 4 controllers and it works fine. The trial version can be used indefinitely with only a reminded, now and then, that you should buy the license, which is only 69 USD. The community is vast and there is German guy with nick Helgoboss that developed an excellent VST called ReaLearn which make the use of controllers easy. If you want to try something new, I recommend Reaper which I use since, I believe, 7 years or so.

Yeah, I tried it out a while back. And the user interface was rather stale and hard to relate to. Given all the complexity in function that a modern DAW has, using almost exclusively text and menu diving is a bit much. I need a bit more visual guidance and a better design language. That’s where Bitwig for me hits the sweet spot. I did just download and try it again, and it didn’t recognize any of my LaunchControl XL, Maschines, iConnectMIDI 2 devices out of the box. I am sure it is workable somehow, but I think I’ll pass since I have BW working just fine.

I agree - everything is working right out of the box, ahem, out of the file :slight_smile:
My controllers are found, I just had to add all the locations for my VSTs and now it’s in working condition. As the update price from 8 to 16 tracks is only 79 bucks, it is not impossible that I’ll decide to ditch my Reaper and go with Bitwig. Neat UI, ease of access to all my devices and VST, pretty interesting.
I’ll need to read the User Manual because I have some customizations with LaunchPad Mini, some MIDI mappings. Like, Octave Up or Octave Down for the current track, activate specific articulation in BBC Symphony Orchestra with a specific button, etc.
Anyways, BW looks and behaves good.
Thanks for the idea, Bernd. :slight_smile: