Unable to drag midi or audio from GarageBand onto Scalar 2 GUI

I have a Mac Mini M1, 16 GB RAM, Ventura 13.3.1

I am unable to drag a short MIDI file or audio file from a track in GarageBand onto the Scalar 2 GUI.

Scalar 2 is in DETECT mode and set to MIDI. I try to drag a short MIDI clip from Garage Band onto the Scalar GUI and nothing happens. I have watched your video over and over and I see nothing wrong on my end.

Scalar 2 is in DETECT mode and set to Audio. I try to drag a short audio clip from a GarageBand audio track onto the Scalar 2 GUI and Scalar 2 disappears.

Hi @conan55 and welcome to the forum.

In regards to point number 1. You need to drag your Midi clip onto the track you have Scaler 2 loaded on (not the Scaler 2 GUI itself) and start playback in Garageband. Just make sure you have detect enabled inside Scaler 2 before you start playback.

and to point number 2. You cannot drag an already imported piece of audio from within your project onto the Scaler 2 GUI for detection, you would need to drag an audio file directly from your mac Finder onto the Scaler 2 GUI or use the “Import Audio File” option in the detect menu. To do this, simply drag the audio from Garageband onto your desktop first and you will then be able to drag it back in directly onto Scaler2Audio for detection.

Hope this helps and happy creating!

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