Undesired behavior when editing chords

Hey team, hope you’re doing well.

I’ve noticed a strange undesired behavior in Scaler whenever I go to the Chord tab while playing some chords with the Keys Lock Chord Notes mode on. While I’m on the main tab, the plugin works fine, outputting the chord notes as expected, but if I try to edit one of the chords in real time while Scaler is playing, the plugin starts to output wrong notes and to stack the chords on top of the notes even though I have the Keys Lock Chord Mute enabled.

This is very annoying, as it makes editing chords on the fly next to impossible. It forces me to stop the playback, edit the chord, go back to the main tab and resume the playing, when it should keep playing the right notes no matter the tab and mode I’m on. I hope this to be an overlooked bug or maybe a minor design mistake that hopefully will be addressed as soon as possible.

My setup is Ableton 11 on Windows 10


Hi @carlosbtlr

What you are describing sounds like the intended current implementation. You do need to stop playback to make edits to the chord notes of your progression.
There are a few reasons for this but the main reason is that the Keys-lock needs to be disengaged on the chord edit page to allow users to select whichever key they would like to add to the chord. If it could stay engaged for example, then when you are on the chord edit page with keys-lock enabled you wouldn’t be able to add a high C note to to your chord if that C note was currently active on keys-lock as an Eb.

I am going to pass this feature suggestion on to the rest of the team as there could be merit in looking at how this behaves moving forwards. The ability to edit notes on the fly with keys-lock enabled could be a good feature to implement if integrated effectively.

Hi James, thanks for the answer, but it doesn’t sound very convincing. The current behavior is very counterintuitive, and from the user perspective, it totally looks like a bug. At the very least, the plugin shouldn’t output any notes while in the chord edit page if you already know that that’s not at all what the user wants. On the other hand, I don’t think making the plugin output the notes that make up each chord, regardless of the page one is, isn’t too much to ask for. Xfer Cthulhu already does this.