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so today I created a chord sequence, really liked it, made a track from it. I subsequently wanted to make a copy of the chord progressions and add rests into the new progression. I cocked up something and moved a chord, couldnt rememebr what it was , tried to paste the midi track back into scaler, just really screwed it up and cant get back to where I started :face_with_diagonal_mouth: :face_with_diagonal_mouth: :face_with_diagonal_mouth: If only there was an ‘undo’ function (like in cubase, CTRL + Z) just undo the previous steps and get back to a previous step. Have to start all over again :disappointed: :disappointed: :disappointed: Is there any possibilty of adding undo steps ? This would be a life saver :blush:

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On the Edit Page is the undo arrows ----
I don’t think you can undo it if you wipe out a session with a Detect MIDI incident.

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I wouldnt have done the midi detect if I could have undone the current step, that cocked it up even more :laughing:

MIDI detect does ask if you are sure you want to replace the current progression.

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and you can right click the ‘S’ logo top left and undo / redo from there.

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well that doesnt really answer my original question, we’re getting into ‘told you so’ territory. All I asked for was an ‘undo’ function. Looks like davide has suggested right clicking the ‘S’ for undo. Ill give it a try, although why in the hell would they hide it there ? makes no sense

I tried to answer your question as best I could. Good luck.


I had forgotten about the undo function, but as @davide said, right-click on the Scaler in the top left-hand corner of the UI

opens a menu. The first item is to “Undo Last Action”. This is available on all the pages of the UI.

It may be useful is to be able to undo a number of actions rather than be restricted to the last action in future releases.

I’ve stepped back through at least 4 actions. I haven’t tried past that. Have you tried continuing backwards? It’s not a true history, meaning you can’t just jump backwards by 3 say, but it keeps them in memory for at least 4.

You could have used that track with Scaler Audio/MIDI recognition then, to re-have your series of chords, at least…

Anyway, after many mistakes like yours, many users save a Scaler status before changing it

and why not getting there, considering that 2 undo options exist and you didn’t know either?
BTW, me and other asked for an Undo options eons ago, and we were listened, so please be patient

CTRL+Z where?

The reason why the option is hidden, is likely due to programming problems (that most musicians, me included, don’t understand) that will fixed in the new GUI of the next major release AFAIK

I’ve stepped back through 10 actions in different parts of the GUI, so I think you can step back forever :cyclone:

So now, the only useful thing that can happen is having a standard shortcut for it, i.e. the CTRL+Z I asked some time ago :grinning:

You ar ecorrect, stupid me not watching what I was doing and so @davide et al please ignore my comment

as it was based on a mistake.

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crazy place to put that functionality, but at least now Im aware of it :laughing:

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crazy place to put that functionality

Well, in the past they were called easter eggs, and people were very happy spotting them

This can’t happen, or at least not very easily. That command is consumed by the OS and the DAW. What would be better is to allow a Macro or assign a key command that isn’t consumed by the system. This has been asked for of many other plugins as well and this is the answer given on most levels. I don’t think it will or even can happen.

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Yes, you are right
Any shortcut is fine, but a button that can be clicked forever like in Section C can be even better

Yeah easter eggs are fun for secrets & non essential functions but not something like this

It’s not an Easter Egg as it’s clearly stated in the manual IIRC. I know, no one reads the manual but here we are. I do believe this has been asked before and @davide has mentioned a major GUI overhaul down the line that will no doubt address these kind of things. Not saying it’s coming in V3 but when they decided to revamp the GUI I’m sure we will see it.

I know, I know, I was joking :grinning:

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