Unfiying Edit Mode & right click " edit chord "?


Why not adding the “right click " edit chord”" menu in the the main “edit” window below ?

when editing a chord ( especially adding 7/9/11/13, & tension notes…)
i would need to try inversion at the same time
and see how it fits in the chord prog & arpeggio / phrasing chosen

I also think adding an additional “bass note” line there would be very usefull
in the context of funk / pop / jazz / slash chords writing

everything in one place :wink:

Control clock to go straight to the edit menu? I also want to have inversions in chord edit mode. On the list.


not sure if i was clear :wink:

when clicking the edit button, i wish we got rows like this >>

Additional “edit chord line” with octave / semitone buttons & suggested chords on one line

  • chord voicing ( with additional bass note line )
  • playback timing
  • playback perf

to generalise this, “edit chord” be more like an additional row on the same (whatever ) page

PS 1 : the more i use scaler 2, the more i think the UI should be a one page design with folding / unfolding rows, so everyone, can make his own set of tools depending on what he needs to have in sight at the same time

I think this is good thinking where less clicks can improve speed in workflows. The first thing the developers should review is the following:

  1. Do the majority of users of Scalar 2 use in the same workflows over and over
  2. What is work flow process that most users perform and how can these clicks be accessed quickly
  3. What are the shortcuts that improve the workflow

Without having this information, quality updates are not optimized for the majority user base. This is the role of all marketing directors— to identify the core user base metrics and bridge customer support team with the development team----only then can the best marketing/branding campaign be implemented.

I agree. It’s not as easy as it seems but I think in the next few months we will have a broader picture of how Scaler is used in the interim. I don’t think Scaler’s workflow is perfect - far from it. It has been features first, fitting them in second. I think we have a long way to go to improve and get it right but that’s what makes it fun for us.

And yes, making more of the Edit Chord function is important. Good suggestions.


This would also be a good incentive to determine how customers are using Scaler 1 in workflows and how Scaler 2 is differentiated. Are there customers preferring Scaler 1 and why. What are the features in Scalar 1 that optimize workflows and vice versa in Scalar 2.

Also, having more workflow videos on Scalar 2 would be good. Producer, Ivan Calderon does many product You tube reviews and very often he will show the way he works in his workflows and it it not only informative with critiques such as this Scalar 2-- he also has chord progression in Scaler 2 Artists— and this is one of the best videos I have found on scalar 2—https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bD5FS1nhtDY

I think there should be a series of videos from other producers like Ivan Calderon who show the workflows in how they use Scaler 2—like using Scaler 2 insert audio directly into DAW audio track and use scalar 2 in this method. Ivan Calderon does point out that the audio detect algorithym in Scalar 2 is “hit or miss” and says there is room for improvement this should improve in new updates. I think this update is very important.