Unfiying Edit Mode & right click " edit chord "?


Why not adding the “right click " edit chord”" menu in the the main “edit” window below ?

when editing a chord ( especially adding 7/9/11/13, & tension notes…)
i would need to try inversion at the same time
and see how it fits in the chord prog & arpeggio / phrasing chosen

I also think adding an additional “bass note” line there would be very usefull
in the context of funk / pop / jazz / slash chords writing

everything in one place :wink:

Control clock to go straight to the edit menu? I also want to have inversions in chord edit mode. On the list.


not sure if i was clear :wink:

when clicking the edit button, i wish we got rows like this >>

Additional “edit chord line” with octave / semitone buttons & suggested chords on one line

  • chord voicing ( with additional bass note line )
  • playback timing
  • playback perf

to generalise this, “edit chord” be more like an additional row on the same (whatever ) page

PS 1 : the more i use scaler 2, the more i think the UI should be a one page design with folding / unfolding rows, so everyone, can make his own set of tools depending on what he needs to have in sight at the same time