Unfortunate Studio Session

I am quite sure many recording studio managers like @davide or @LivingEdge_Studios around will recognize their-selves in this unfortunate case…

You have the Sloshed Big Band in your studio, and you give them the case of beers they asked for

You have a call of nature and go to the bathroom

While washing your hands, you see through the window your dream girlfriend walking down the street

Your hormonal charge skyrockets, and you go away like a ground-to-air missile to be after her

One hour later you come back to your studio

The band has disappeared with the case of beers, and the whole fridge content

The recorder is still ON

You press Stop and Replay and while you listen the take you realize you also forgot to turn one small device OFF before going out the studio…

P.S. in case you missed it, the day I wrote this post was Shrove Tuesday

Regrettable. But if the girlfriend of your dreams was there, you did well … Instinct is more than important … hahaha

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I encountered my girlfriend (now wife) at work, but not as a musician LOL
This joke was rather related with the many producers that attend this forum

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Hahaha, that is true, I read it already minutes ago :smiley: I have lived it very intensely, with some friends in the musical environment, sometimes it is a disaster lol