Unisons Removed After Project Saved, Closed and Then Reopened


  1. Create Scaler Track and Have Pattern Include some Unison single pitch, “chords.”
  2. Save and Close Project in DAW (Cubase Pro 10 in my case).
  3. Re-Open Project.
  4. Observation: Pads that had Unison assigned to them are now blank and the notes are lost.

Attached is a screenshot showing the project “after save, close and reopen” with the blanks where “Unison” were assigned in the original.

So, there’s two things here.

  1. Single Notes created in Detect Mode are not placed in Patterns when Select All is attempted (previous post).

  2. When a project with Unison chords is saved, closed and then re-opened in the DAW the Unison Chords are deleted and the notes are lost.

Of the two items mentioned the second is more significant since chosen notes are lost.

Hope this helps. Thanks. :slight_smile:

P.S. – I checked further and If I used Octaves rather than Unison, Scaler does not lose the notes upon save/close/re-open project, but single notes are lost and replaced with blank pads. :frowning:

Thanks for reporting, we are fixing this and it will be part of the next patch.


You’re most welcome. Thanks for Scaler. :slight_smile: There are two details here.

  1. Unisons should be able to be copied or dragged to C Section Pattern. (Pattern with Unisons created with MIDI detect)
  2. Unisons should be retained in patterns when DAW project is saved, closed and re-opened.

Of the two, the second is obviously the most significant, but being able to copy Unisons from the A section to C section patterns would be a useful, natural way to work.

Current workaround: Use Octaves in place of single notes (Unison) and then mute or delete the unneeded note after creating part in DAW.