Unwanted chord change after saving and reloading

While using Scaler v2.11 on Windows 10 64-bit in Reaper, the following happened:

The last chord in pattern1 (consisting of 8 chords) changed from E dim #5/C to C7 after saving and reloading a Chordset. The same happens when saving the project in Reaper v6.11 64-bit and reloading it.

After 8th chord changed:

Hi @Arjan

are the notes in the chord different before and after reloading or is it just the name that has changed?

I just did a quick check, and I think an “E dim #5/C” and C7 would be 2 valid names for the same chord. Scaler might be trying too hard to simplify the naming.

Thanks for reporting,

Hi @Ed1,

thanks for your reply.

If Scaler would just simplify the name of the chord without altering the sound, then it could be considered a useful feature. However, attached you can find a screenshot to demonstrate that the spread of chord notes over the keyboard is also different, e.g. there is not a C in the bass in case of the E dim #5/C chord.


Just verified with Scaler V2.2: this issue is not yet fixed. Scaler still automatically transforms the E dim #5 / C chord into a different sounding C7 chord, which becomes apparant after saving and reloading the DAW project (see also the screenshots above).

I tried a workaround by saving as a Chordset, but this gave yet another different sounding result. Scaler now automatically transforms the E dim #5 / C chord into a G min6 11 chord:

Thanks @Arjan for checking against the updated version.

We haven’t had the time to address everything we wanted to in the last update. There is a patch coming in the next couple of weeks, we will try to get this sorted by then.


Hi @Ed1, thanks for addressing this issue in v2.3.0. Given the descriptions in the list of changes I was not sure, but after running some quick tests, so far the behaviour seems to be much more consistent.