Update 1.8

i use an iMac with studio one 4 and I bought scaler 1.7 witch works fine.
but the upgrade 1.8 crash studio one 4.
i’ve tried several times , it works good as a instrument but when i want to use another instrument for the output it crash
with 1.7 it works well
if you have an idea to solve my problem
thank you

Hi @pastema

thanks for reporting your issue.
How do you connect Scaler to the external instrument for it to crash?


thank you for your reply.
i route the scaler and Presence in SO like that:

i have one track with scaler, and a second instrument track with scaler as an imput.
its works well with the 1.7, and crash SO with the 1.8 version of scaler

I have it setup here the same way and no crash, I have tested with VST2 and VST3…


Are you using any specific trigger mode (scale lock, voicing lock,…) ?

sorry sorry sorry
i don’t know what i’ve done but it works well now
i’m confused
thank you for your reply

Haha, no worries. Glad to hear it’s all working now.

Have fun… :slight_smile: