Updated to Scaler 2.4

I just updated from Scaler 2.1 to 2.4 but the header still says Scaler 2.1. Is this how it should be or should the header reflect 2.4?

John Bowen

Hi @Johnbee63 -

Check the actual Scaler plugin version by clicking on the blue [S] logo in the upper left corner of Scaler.
It should show the real Scaler version…

Sometimes within the DAW, the window the DAW hosts the plugin within shows a prior version when it was first scanning the plugins available. Sometimes that title mismatch gets resolved by rescanning plugins. But it’s really just cosmetic, if the actual Scaler version of the plugin itself (per above screenshots) shows the version that you expect to see.


Thanks so much! This does work and I am at version 2.4
John B