Updates don't work properly (maybe)

Hi there

I suspect (no time available to test now) that when I download an update any version, the installer doesn’t remove the old .dll files in my preferred plugin folder… that is not the regular Steinberg one

I say that because today I found I had Scaler 2.1.1 even if I was sure to have Scaler 2.1.2

and because Scaler 2.1.2 jumped out in October it’s quite strange I missed it
so I suspect that I installed it already, but I was still using the old .dll files

today I installed Scaler 2.1.2 but removed old .dll files manually in advance

Hi @ClaudioPorcellana,

thanks, I will have a look at the Windows installer see if there is anything wrong. It could also fail to replace the file if it was open in another process during setup.


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you’re welcome

if you will confirm it, maybe that some of the customer’s crashes are linked to this?

Are you using a custom VST folder for Scaler?

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Are you using a custom VST folder for Scaler?

not really: I use a custom folder for all plugins I have
I do that because since I started playing music with my PC I noticed that different plugins create their own folder, while I wanted have all them under control :smiley:

anyway, almost all plugins let the user select the folder, so it shouldn’t be an issue

now, having used zillions of softwares since I had my first IBM in the eighties, I noticed that here and there some software crashes because e.g. after the launch it searches for files that aren’t where it thinks they are, possibly because your Windows user-name is not standard, or because you changed it after a while

or when the update’s uninstaller doesn’t remove all its files because they aren’t where it thinks they are, that maybe the case here

Yes, this is by design. Different users / different programs. Most of the time it takes administrative rights to install programs.

This administrator supposedly know who gets access to what programs, shared folders, access permissions and security settings, member groups, etc.

Yes, you will “break” a lot of programs (from your point of view) doing this. Unless you are separating program access / or internet access, doing this for no other reason may require the need for additional licenses.

I can see putting all of your music files together and saying that this user gets no access to the internet as it causes ASIO problems with buffering and latency.

But if I remember correctly, for some reason, you “require” access to the internet all of the time.

A lot of important files are stored with the current user (during software install) in the path, i.e., the files are installed under that user’s account.

are you referring to Scaler or other softwares?
because I haven’t noticed this behaviour for Scaler

I am referring to you.

An internet connection is a huge interrupt for a computer, especially older computers like ours.

When I start having audio issues, the first thing I do is disable the internet.

ah now I understand
well, I killed the Google Drive automation and setup a fast backup (every 10 minutes) of jobs I’m working on to the external HD, and I’ll use Google Drive only once week or so

about putting OFF the network I never tried to do so