Updating to 1.5 from 1.2 Issues

Hi I love this product and I think you have all done a spectacular job with it
I am running macOS Sierra 10.12 on an imac and a macbook pro using logic x.
I just bought 1.5 and installed it over 1.2 on my macbook pro, no problems whatsoever, plugin runs great.
When I tried installing it over 1.2 on my imac it won’t recognize the update. I tried uninstalling (deleting all the au components and vsts, disabling them in my plugin manager in logic) then running the installer again but now I have 2 versions of 1.2 in my drop down menu…which doesn’t make sense, I have no idea how it thinks there are 2 versions of the same plugin.
What do I need to do to properly install 1.5 over 1.2?
Thank you - Noah

For reference

HI @ssss0000

This is unusual, the plugin manager should display the version 1.5.0 when installed from the 1.5 installer even if it can’t validate it.
You might have downloaded the wrong installer from Plugin Boutique, or it might have been corrupt.

Try re-downloading Scaler 1.5 from your Plugin Boutique account.

Is this the right downloader? I tried that and had no luck

Yes it looks like the right one.

Could you try to quit Logic Pro, delete the AU and VSTs located under:


Then, restart your computer, run the 1.5 installer and only then start Logic Pro.

did this and now I have 4 validated 1.2 (2 scaler and 2 scalercontrol) plugins :confused:


So it seems that there are two issues here:

  • There is still a copy of the 1.2 version that remain installed. Try searching your mac (using CMD+Space) and search for: Scaler.component

  • The installer you are using is adding a new copy of the 1.2. Try to search for the installer and make sure it is the 1.5 version that you downloaded and not an old copy on your disk.

The install should add 1.5.0:

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okay so I had to reveal everything in my finder then go to my home folder and the other library in there and delete the vsts and au from there as well. so had to delete it from:
Thank you so much for your help, I love the new features

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