Upgrade question

Just foolishly tried to upgrade my functioning Scaler 2 on Mac Sierra now nothing seems to want to work

Looking for advice how to get back to older Scaler 2 an possibly clarification of what version is supported up to Mac 9OS Sierra as I have looked and am unable to find

Any help greatly appreciate



Hi @Flagboy

sorry to hear about your issue. Which version did you have previously running?

Sierra is getting old and even if the hardware still functions it is not always possible to maintain compatibility with older versions of the OS.

You should be able to access the older installers from your Plugin Boutique account. I can’t tell precisely for your hardware and host but version 2.1 should work fine.

As Davide mentioned go to your Plug-in Boutique account and under downloads find Scaler. There is a version pull down menu that will let you choose any version back to the first one you purchased. Download the last one that worked for you and reinstall that one.