Use external software instruments vs. built in tones

Hey All, I’m new to using Scaler 2 so please bear with me if I’m asking a question that is documented somewhere. Don’t hate me. I did pay for the course and I will go through all those modules this weekend I promise.

I know that Scaler 2 has out of the box tones we can use (which is great), but is there a way to use external tones from other software instruments and samplers that I use like Zenology or Kontact?

If you can point to a topic thread, document, module…anything…thanks!!!


if you run Scaler in a DAW, you can route the MIDI to another virtual instrument. as a standalone, no you cannot (even if using inter-Scaler instances – ala Sync – which is not MIDI).

Understood…I’m running it in Logic X and Ableton Live 11…I guess I just need to learn how to “route” the MIDI to another virtual instrument.

Is there any docs or video you could point me to?

somewhere on youtube is likely a tutorial :slight_smile: that said, what i do in my DAW (Cakewalk) is to set up my Kontakt with MIDI and Audio tracks, add my instrument (in the example Foundation Nylon guitar) set to ch1 (default on first instrument in Kontakt).
then add my Scaler (MIDI and Audio tracks). then i set the Scaler MIDI output to the Kontakt, mute the Scaler audio (as we’re not using it), and then do the chord selections etc in Scaler.
and it works as expected. not sure what you need to do in Logic or Live but would presume it has similar routing options.
important to note: make sure the Scaler MIDI track has MIDI out selected (this is by default in my settings). and of course the note range in Scaler is compatible with the instrument you selected in Kontakt…

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Here is a youtube tutorial for Live. There are many more.


Using Scaler is different in Logic. You need to use Scaler Control in Logic.


Thanks guys…this is perfect…

So cool…this was very easy…I just needed the 123. I got Scaler Control as a MIDI FX and using Roland Zenology as my software instrument. I gotta learn Scaler now. Thank you for this.