Use midi channels for Scaler output to help chord orchestration

Imagine that as scaler outputs the midi for a given chord progression, it could split the output across multiple midi channels in an intelligent way. You could leave the midi output of the full chord on channel 1 as currently. But, for example, the root note of the chord could also be output on midi channel 2, the third interval is put on channel 3, the highest note is on channel 5, and so on. You could even have a menu were you defined exactly what went on with each of the 16 channels of midi output, perhaps with an ability to multiple notes on some on them (for example, middle two notes, lowest two, etc). This would be a great help for orchestration of chord progressions: you could build the progression in Scaler, and then route its midi output more flexibly than now across your instrument set.


Thanks for feedback, midi out and control is a focus for us moving forward.


Great to hear this is in the roadmap. One thing to bear in mind is that Ableton handles midi routing from plugins in quite an annoying way. It essentially erases all channel information. So if possible the best way to implement note splitting would be to create multiple virtual midi devices rather than multiple channels within one virtual midi device. Great app btw, allowing users to split out notes for different instruments will take it to the stars!

Lobo - just FYI, there are another of other tools that you can use to do this already, as you may already know.

One is an old vst called midipolyphony, which you can find via google.

Another is the paid app Phrasebox, which can do plenty of other stuff too…

If you send the midi from scaler to either of these it will do the note splitting. But it will be great when scaler can do this for itself.

And this is another alternative for Scaler users with Ableton:
Create an Instrument Rack that collects the Scaler midi, and in it assign different ranges for the voices, which you then send to other VSti.
I attach 2 images with the process: Midi routing from Scaler to Instrument Rack and from this to the other 3 tracks. And result in Recording

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So this got done with the voice grouping option in 2.7 - thanks to all the team at Scaler for doing this!

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