Use Scaler in Cubase as a Midi effect

In Cubase, being able to use Scaler as a midi insert effect would help workflow a lot. Right now it takes 2 tracks to have Scaler control another VST instrument. It also takes switching monitoring on the other instrument, and also muting Scaler’s output.

Hi, welcome to the forum. I thought about this myself, but I’ve decided I like the workflow in Cubase as it is (Cubase Pro 10.0.6 user). If it were a MIDI Effect it wouldn’t have the flexibility a full VST Instrument offers. Scaler really isn’t a MIDI Effect, it’s much more.

With the “Chord Mute” Function, the ability to turn on/off DAW Sync and to disable the internal Sounds of Scaler completely, I find it really great to work with in Cubase.

I think the inconvenience of having to use a few tracks is outweighed by the flexibility the system, as it is, offers. The MIDI Effects in Cubase are nice, but they are more or less “hard wired” into the program. The MIDI Gate is probably the MIDI Effect I use the most.

Take care for now. :slight_smile:

Thanks, that makes sense. I was thinking as a midi effect so that I could have 1 track do it all. But if it lost functionality then it would not be worth it.

I completely understand. When I first loaded Scaler after installing, I looked for it in the MIDI effects, but quickly realized how to use it. However, in fact, one track does “do it all” if you want it to.

I’m finding Scaler requires a patient, methodical workflow. Parts are built in layers. I’m gravitating to having one Master instance of Scaler, then adding one or more “clone” instances for other parts of the Project.

My biggest problem with Scaler is that it’s too damn good. Right now, is getting lost in exploring the Performances, Songs, and Modulation features, rather than completing projects. But, I have a nice “bones yard” of Scaler projects to get back to.

Take care for now.