Use the TAB page as a reference library for Expressions

I found the easiest way to keep track of all my favorite Performance Expressions was to create a Tab page.

I selected a sample library string instrument with short notes.

I duplicated the same chord across rows. Then on a chord I started auditioning the Performances starting with Expressions. When I found a favorite I left it selected and moved on to the next chord in the row. And then onto next Pattern as I filled up a row.

And when you are auditioning the Rhythms be sure to think about using them to drive percussion instead of tonal instruments. Lots of nice but tricky sequences included in there.


Yes that’s useful thanks and I find it all quite versatile too. I am increasingly using rhythms to trigger monophonic instruments for bass. Leads us on to a new feature we are developing which is really exciting.


Performance Rhythms is definitely worth a look for percussion when I’m in Scaler looking for chords.

Saves a trip into drumkit loop land.

Looking forward to new adventures in next Scaler2 update.

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