User Crashes Logic

I went to the USER Tab and it just brings up the Wheel-of-Death and I have to force shut down of Logic.

Tried several times with the same results.

USER crashes Logic video…

Hi @Alfie

Thanks for reporting.

This could come from one of the user chordset file not being able to load. One file could be corrupt or the folder is too big to load.

Can you check in the user folder on your disk what is in there? You can try moving your custom files to a different folder and try it again. You might be able to figure out what file is causing the issue by adding them back to the Scaler folder and checking if it still crashes.

HI @Ed1

I can’t access the USER Folder. As soon as I click on tab, Logic crashes.

Where can I find the USER Folder on Mac?

Hi @Alfie

they are located under /Users/Shared/Plugin Boutique/Scaler2/Sets

Plugin Boutique that’s where it was hiding…

Yesterday I did update to Scaler 2.7.1, but didn’t think there was anything in that to cause a problem.

I’ve rebooted Mac and still same problem. USER not usable.

Hi @Alfie

we’ve been able to replicate your issue, we are working on a fix, it will be part of the next patch.

It seems that an empty folder can cause the issue. You can try to save a chord set from the Section C and the problem should go away.

Screen Shot 2022-12-15 at 10.25.02 am

The saved progression should then show normally in the drop-down and the next button should not cause Scaler to hang anymore.

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Many thanks!

I tried it, and it works great!