User Defined Chord Voicings & Editing

Hi. I am so sorry that I can not find a correct place to post my stupidity. Sorry.
I have a question about chord voicings. I am sorry but I can not always put my music theory knowledge together with pictures of keys and I have been admittedly over using piano roll editing. My connection to the information is wrong.

I am also new to Scaler and can not find information regarding this. I am sorry if I over looked it and will RTFM if you point me in the correct place.

If I have defined a Pattern and want to edit the chord voicing, are my only choices to use drop down menus? I have a visual connection to the keys and chords rather than knowledge of what they are called. I will happily learn the knowledge if I need to because I love this software. But I would rather like to just move a Note to where I want it to be. Sometimes letting Scaler choose voicings I still wish to change one or two chords but I get lost and confused in software. I am sorry if my error is just spending more time learning. I will try this but would appreciate help because I am not smart.

My workaround is to make MIDI Clip and then edit MIDI Clip. I do not use the Scaler internal voices.

Also you should charge more for this software because it is very powerful and exciting.

Welcome @IAmTheLizardQueen Try CHORD edit mode and you can change the voicing of each chord there Scaler 2 1 Update Overview | NEW:Chord Edit Mode, Phrases, Pattern Mode, Audio Detection - YouTube

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Thank you for your response and sorry that I missed this information before posting.
Such inspiring. Thank you.

voicing= < g a c e a > % dom7, with 7th in bass
\new Staff {
% play the whole chord for two quarters, then a half
\voicing4 \voicing4 \voicing2