Using "All Keys" for Patterns provides a good workflow

I’ve used White Keys, All Keys and True Scale for patterns and have come to prefer using “All Keys” rather than the other modes. The simple reason being that when you use “All Keys” it is very easy to transpose patterns up.

For example: You create Pattern 1 then Pattern 2. As the project develops in the DAW you realize it will be easier to use Pad Mode and Link the Patterns. If you’ve used White Keys or True Scale you have to fiddle around and adjust the trigger notes, but, if you use “All Keys” it is much simpler to transpose the Key Switches up.

I find this way of working makes it easy to build projects and keeps the range of bound keys more manageable if many patterns are in use. Nothing earth shattering here, just a workflow consideration that I think makes life a little simpler at times and I thought was worth sharing.


Great suggestion

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