Using Bandlab problem with scaler 2.1.2 update

vst3 when used with a instrument track I get black sceene and it sounds like it goes in demo mode you can hear air noise every so often know if used audio track it works ?? and know black sceene thanks Eric

Hi @fmm

thanks for reporting.

Does this affect the VST2 as well?
Are the plugin files located in their default location on your hard drive?


Hi Ed vst 2 works fine seems everything in its proper place as far as where the vst are suppose to be thanks for responding Eric

Sorry forgot to mention the vst has worked off and on like once in a while however if you set up a second instance and you try to open the first one you set up it goes to black screen thanks Eric

I also have an issue with Cakewalk after updating to version 2.1.2 (last week).

Perform is not working properly. Chords overlapping with Dream On sound. Using String ensamble, a note remains pushed while playing the chords with the mouse until you play the track. And other issues with perform. Not possible to use the plugin with these issues.

Please, help.