Using Detect to Move Selected Chords from One Scaler to Another


You have some chords in one instance of Scaler and want them in a second instance. There’s many ways to do this, but I’d not tried this method and found it works very well.


  1. Primary Scaler holds chords I want in a second instance of Scaler – could be just a chord or two or many chords.

  2. Second instance of Scaler is empty.

  3. Have MIDI In to 2nd Secaler come from MIDI Out of Primary Scaler, so the 2nd Scaler is listening to the Primary.

  4. Enable Detect in 2nd Scaler and play back chords in Primary Scaler.

Result: 2nd Scaler perfectly detected chords played by the Primary Scaler. Those chords may be then placed into Patterns as needed.

Nice to have this functionality there when its needed.

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You can also sync multiple instances of Scaler and apply Performances to all except the 1st, which will only have the chords. It is what I usually do, for example to have chords in the 1st and a bass interpretation in another, as well as an arpeggiated in another, etc.

Yes, this is for when you just need a quick chord for two. Duplicating the track or using Sync is usually what I do. What I wanted to do was drag a chord from one Scaler and Drop it into another, so using Detect was a sort of work around for that.