Using Midi on Scaler Channel (FL Studio) - Or any other notes for that matter

Hi, I’m using FL Studio with Scaler 2.

Wondering if my method below is the only way to carry this out.

Here are the steps I’m taking to make use of a midi (or whatever notes exist) within Scaler’s channel:

Browser (Section A) – Hitting the red “start analysis” and then playing out the midi (or whatever notes are there).

Apply whatever Articulations or Expressions I wish to use then hit the Play button to hear it.
Cool! Sounds great!

Now, to get that newly created item back into the DAW on another channel, I hit the MIDI Capture button in the Progression Builder (Section C) before playing out that newly created sequence.

Thereafter, I’m able to drag out that new creation onto my DAW.

My question is, am missing something here?

I finally figured out how to carry that out and wondering if there’s a quicker way to do it?

Thanks in advance :blush: