Using Multi Out with Performances - Working as expected now

I was just trying Multi Out in Cubase 12 on Mac and it works fine for just playing chords. However it seems to not function correctly with Performances / Phrases. Mostly not passing notes spastically.
Is this what other people are seeing? I noticed in the video I don’t think David used Performances with Multi Out.
If it’s too early for Scaler to handle the speed of the changing notes I can understand that and it’s still useful.

I tested it in Reaper and it seemed to work fine. Maybe the instruments you are using do not cover the notes in the performance as they are too high or too low? I made a video with Spitfire’s BBC Orchestra (free version) and had to make sure that every channel plays in the limits of the different instrument. Scaler 2.7: How you make Multi-Out work in your DAW - YouTube

I also played the performance in X0.5

I think it’s working as expected. My thinking was reversed in how the channels are assigned. I think High to low and it’s the reverse of that so I had to revise my instruments.
More exploring, Thanks again Scaler Team!

yeah it does work but it’s hit and miss given the varying repetition of notes in expressions so I didn’t bother demoing it as it’s not always great but can be!

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