Using multiple patterns MIDI Song Position Pointer?


When I play multiple patterns in a loop in the DAW, Scaler does not follow the song position, but always starts at Pattern 1, Chord 1. If this is “normal” behavior that’s fine. Perhaps its something peculiar to Cubase? The DAW’s synchronization is correctly configured and working (internal clock, basic set-up; system specs. in signature).

It would be “nice” if Scaler followed the song position. That way If playback starts where Pattern 3 is wanted, Scaler would play from Pattern 3 forward.

Obviously, I may use other methods to easily work around this, but would like to confirm if this is or is not normal operating behavior for the program.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Thats normal at this stage, Scaler will always start the chord progression on DAW trigger. Midi Position Pointer will come at the future.

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Thanks for the reply. I’ll develop my workflow accordingly. It’s good to hear you have MIDI SPP in mind for future development of this excellent program.