Using novation launchpad to control Scaler

Using novation launchpad to control Scaler
There is no short video teaching.
I have a little suggestion
Scaler team can do more 1 minute video if they have nothing to do
Show Scaler function, short video, but very useful! :+1:
More people can learn about Scaler
It’s also propaganda
I found that Scaler had more than 20 minutes per video

Hi @swingmix,
There are different ways to use your 64 (8x8) pad controller with Scaler. The most intuitive approach I found is to bind individual chords via Scaler’s 7 row matrix in section C to individual buttons/pads on your 8x8 matrix MIDI controller.

The method how you fill all the Scaler chords is up to you, but I found it useful to either use the same chord progressions in different scales, or voicings, or when you have enough songs presets in the same music style (like I picked 70s Funk & Soul for the example in the above screenshot), then you could put one song preset per row, if it fits). Or different scales in different rows, with all the basic (or alternatively voiced) chords is also interesting.

I would love to show you concretely, but I don’t have a Novation Launchpad. But coming pretty close, I have a Maschine Jam, which is similar in spirit, in that it also has a programmable 64 pad matrix.

And I think I am already doing what you’re aspiring to do with the Launchpad.
You can either program the individual pads with MIDI notes, that correspond with Scaler key bindings, e.g. C2… for selection of the rows of chord progressions in section C in Scaler.

Or you can create patterns in your DAW (if it supports clips), which then your Launchpad can call up.

I think I remember you use FL Studio. Looks like FL Studio supports the Launchpad as a controller. So you could setup clips in FL Studio and then launch these clips with the Launchpad pads. In each clip you could have a controlling MIDI note (e.g. C2 for selecting row one in your Scaler section C matrix, and the chord selector from C3… on)

Not sure if you are familiar with how FL Studio allows you to use clips, you have to set it up first like this…

I’ll be happy to show you and others who may be interested in this (in a video I yet have to create) the concept I am talking about for my 8x8 Maschine Jam, if you feel you can adapt the idea to Launchpad - in principle it is very similar.

Attached is a simple template, illustrating the concept. It may not work right out of the box, but it should give you a starting idea how to approach this. I encourage you to experiment with this, that’s how I learned all this :slight_smile:



The advantage of Launchpads could be custom modes that let you assign any of its pads to Midi CC. I eyed the Launchpad Pro for using it with Scaler but will hold back until I see where the development of Scaler goes.
The main reason I eyed it is to be able to change scales on the fly. But think it could be done within the Modulation page with an upcoming update. Without the need for MIDI CC.

thank you. thank you very much.
Yes, I use FL Studio all the time, but I find some inconveniences in FL Studio. So just a few days ago, I started using studio one.
I find studio one very easy to use.
Now I only use MIDI keyboard to control scaler
Then use the computer keyboard up and down in studio one to change instruments, and then use MIDI keyboard to play.
Through your introduction, I know about Maschine jam for the first time. I just looked at it. This may be what I need. I’ll get to know it again.
I’m interested in playing live now.
Mainly because the Scaler team gave me self-confidence, ha ha ha

I see. Sorry I cannot help you with Studion One, since I do not have that DAW. But I know @TMacD is an avid S1 user who can explain things well, perhaps he can jump in with some ideas?

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well. Have a chance to try Studio One
It’s really easy to use
Anyway, I don’t need FL Studio any more, ha ha ha

Yeah, @davide probably sits with his feet up all day, wondering how to while the time away till going home … :rofl:
[For clarity, the above is typical English sarcasm …]

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I mean when they’re not too busy.
It’s not that there’s nothing to do
The problem is they must be busy now
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This is me whiling my Sunday morning away!