Using Scaler 2.5 in Cakewalk with midi bindings

I have been trying out Scaler 2.5 in Cakewalk by Bandlab and ran into an issue when binding to a midi clip: I had to use notes on the range C4 to B5. I have checked the settings on Scaler and they are all set at the default setting.

Has anyone else experienced this, or can explain why this is happening Cakewalk? In Live 11 Scaler uses midi clips in the expected range (C2 to B3),

You are binding Scaler to a MIDI Clip? For what purpose? If you play a MIDI clip into Scaler when Bind is on it will be triggering the pads as well as playing sounds so what is it you are trying to do here exactly? Unless the clip is just one trigger note per pad. Is that what you mean?

That is it: simply one note triggering a pad, as in the second section of Davide’s video here

If I create a midi clip in Live using only the white notes in the range C2 to B3 then each of these will play a chord in a pattern. However, in Cakewalk I find that I have to use the notes in the range C4 to B5. I suspect thjat this is a quirk of Cakewalk, but I was just wndering if anyone else had come across this issue, or if I have inadvertently changed a setting somewhere.

Using this approach of creating trigger notes in a midi clip means it is easy to introduce variations to the length of time that a chord sustains for, giving variations on a pattern or melody.

Sounds like a quirk of Calkwalk. Check preferences. Most DAWs let you change the default range of what C3 is.

Found the issue. Cakewalk set C0 as the lowest midi note. I can set this to C-2 in preferences which will solve this problem.

What an irritation that there is no standard for setting the bass for midi