Using Scaler 2 with a Kontakt library

So I have an instance of Scaler 2 inside Studio One 6,all set up correctly
And using Audio Imperia Chorus library inside Kontakt
When I am using Chorus it sounds horrid,I am only using a selected scale,but hitting a key,the choir ensemble cuts off abruptly each time I press and release a key.Is there something I have missed in setting up Scaler?
Sorry if I’m not explaining this properly. I have ,little experience of this issue
Grateful for any advice,thanks

Welcome Dave
Hard to say for sure what might be sounding “horrible”.

Others might have experience with the patch in question, but If I were you, I’d setup using a simple Kontakt Factory instrument and try it again. Then, if that sounds normal, you’ve identified a potential issue with the Imperia Chorus patch and can refine your search.

Good luck!

Thank you for the warm welcome,thank you for your reply
I will take a closer look,my setup in Studio One is quite simple.Probably operator error,ha,ha
Chorus the library is working fine as it is

No worries. There are a few S1 users in here, myself included. I bet we can help you get it sorted. Keep us posted.